Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Ah the joyous half-term is apon us. That amazing time when the children are taken out of school and whisked away to a fun packed adventure holiday.
The ride there commences. The car is packed up and the fight for who gets control over the music begins. The car is too hot, then too cold. The traffic jam means the drive is going to take longer. But what do the children do? Moan.
They are excited for the first few days, then the parents want a break so they have a day in. What do the children do? Moan.
You tell them to go and make their own fun. Go for a walk, go for coffee with their sister, and what do they do? Moan.
When that day of rest is over, the activities resume. The walking everywhere begins, the running and the cueing begins. But what do the children do? Moan.

Back at home. Relax. It's over. The small ones will be running off with their friends. They are out everyday and you can relax.
They are sat at home, the rain pouring down outside. Their friends are busy and the house is just so boring. You tell them to get out from under your feet as you have things to do. But what do they do? Moan.
It's nearly over. They will be back at school soon. Just one more day. The school uniform is in the washing. School bags are ready, and the pack lunches are just waiting to be made. Yet, your little angel wants their rugby top, sparkly jeans, your earrings. What do they do? Moan.

7:00 comes around and you wake them up with breakfast and a cup of tea, trying to make the first day back easier. They roll over and throw you out of the room. Then the rush begins for the bathroom, breakfast, and clothes. What do they do? Moan.
Out the door at 8:15 and in the car. Everyone at different places, different times, different people to pick up. The fight for the front seat begins. What do they do? Moan.
Through the door is your angels, with their hair tangled, clothes dirty and lunch half eaten. The conversation is forced as you try to find out how their day was. Arguments have already began, the teacher was ill, and the books were in the wrong place. No one asks you how your day was. All they do? Moan.

Children. Those little bundles of joy that bring smiles to everyones faces as they laugh along with the adults, never quite understanding. When did it change from the quiet giggles to the moaning children? Aren't holidays meant to be relaxing?

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