Monday, 6 June 2011

One day

One day you are going to wake up and realise I am not who you think I am. You will see through the act, see who I really am. You will see the true horror within me, and run scared. You let you defences down, and now you have cared for a true monster.

One day you are going to see through the lies and tricks, see through my defences and look into the true heart of me. You will stand and look upon true evil and question your own judgement. You will witness the innocence of the young turn into desperation of the tortured.

One day you are going to doubt who I am, who you though I was, and who you thought I was going to grow into. You will see the young girl you once loved slip away, into everything you always hated. You will see the change within her immediately, yet the feelings you have for her are compelling you to stay.

One day you are going to walk away, hate who I am and move on. You will leave me and never look back. You will rid me from your memory, and only think of me when you think of hate. The dark thoughts inside your head, hidden in a terrible place, will lead you to think of me.

One day you are going to wonder what you ever saw in me, and you will realise your own stupidity. You will always think twice before loving someone so young again. The things you once loved about me, and now the things you hate the most, because they are the things that have changed.

One day you will realise that everything I warned you about was true.

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