Thursday, 16 June 2011


A wise friend once told me that there were too many battles going on inside my head. I was fighting them silently and they were causing harm to me, without me even realising it.

But isn't that what life is? One big fight between doing what is right, and what is fun? Between what is socially acceptable, and what you accept within yourself? Between hurting yourself, or hurting someone else? Between trying to please the people close to you, and still doing what is right for you? Between changing for someone, and yet not losing sight of who you were first?

Isn't it all about getting the right balance? It isn't that you have to choose between them, you just have to choose the right amount of each. You don't get one or the other, you can have the best of both. But we all know that sometimes it doesn't work out like that. You don't always get the best of both, sometimes you get the worst. You get the worst possible outcome, which is often the one that doesn't please anyone.

It's not the choices we make in life, it is the way we handle the outcome, that makes us who we are. We can make the best of a bad situation, and this makes us a better person.

So aren't all these battles inside my head in fact a good thing? They make me a stronger person, and give me the skills to make the right choices the next time the battle comes around. So tell me this, why should I work to get rid of the battles in my head, when they are making me stronger?

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