Wednesday, 1 June 2011


What was the point? It all ended for no reason. Well, there was a reason but it wasn't a good enough one to throw all of that away. One text. That's all it was. One stupid text. 

None of them deserved this. He has mucked everything up. The whole family has just gone. He took his daughters with him. Her daughter's sisters. They don't want to talk to the daughter now. All over that stupid argument. She took the mothers side, they took his. Everyone could see it coming. Yet, she gets shouted at for it?

She still has to see him at school. Everyday seeing his face. Knowing the effect he had on her mother. Sit in his classes. Pretend like nothing has happened. How is she meant to do that? 

She never used to get attached to the mother's boyfriends, because she knew they would always leave. Except this one was different. She let her guard down and started to accept him. It took a while, but she did. Then he did what all the others did. Leave. It doesn't matter why he left, he just did. 

Her whole life is up in the air now. Her friends don't know what to do. They give her sympathetic looks and kind words, but none of it helps. They all go around the subject, but it just hangs in the air. An elephant in the corner.

The house looks empty without his stuff. All of those pictures will have to be taken down. Of him and her. Of all of them. She wont want them, neither will he. Maybe he will secretly take one of all of them when he leaves. Something to remember them all by. It can't have all been bad. He loved them all before didn't he? He must have done. 

How will she cope through it? The change. It's all come at the wrong time. Everything has changed so much already, and more will again. The mother is strangely fine. Coping well. Better than she is by far.

So much stupid change. 

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