Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Secret affections

We sat. Just sat. And talked, of course. That big tree that stretched over us, hiding us and our secret from the outside. Our secret was that it was us against the world, and that we belonged to each other; no-one else.
The sun rose every day without fail, and we knew that everyday that this happened it would fill us with the joy and confidence that we were still us. Nothing had changed. As the sun rose, so did we. We filled the sky with the feelings we had for each other, and, even if the world didn't know, we knew this would last. The sun faded but we knew that this was just one more day to tick off of the calendar, and the next day would bring another adventure for the two of us to enjoy, together.
We returned to the tree, same as we did every other day. Our initials carved into the bark, binding out agreement in wood, making it public for the whole world to see. That was our tree. Each branch was a memory that we had together, stretched out, intertwined with each other, and made a beautiful silhouette of our time. We would sit every night and watch the sun move across the sky, the wind made the leaves dance in the descending sun light, the whole world was alive around us.
We threw seeds from our tree out to the grass around it, hoping that they would grow, and maybe one day, when they were old and wise, they would have the joy of hiding a couple under their long branches.
The wind is now bitter around me, as I wait in vain hope for your appearance. I sit and study the leaves that have fallen around me, and as I sit there and watch them die, I feel my feelings for you fade with them. Our initials that were once carved in front of me in our tree are gone and in its place, your name and hers stood strong side by side, with a letter pinned to it. 2 words. Your hand has written 2 words in that delicate handwriting. The 2 words that caused me to sink to the ground, among the dying leaves, in despair. Those 2 words that say everything, yet nothing at all. 'I'm sorry' I know exactly where you are, in the arms of her. The one girl you always held that secret affection for. Our tree lays dead around me, and as I turn to leave, I see one tiny shoot beginning to grow from one of the seeds that we planted when our tree, and our love, blossomed and grew for the whole world to see.