Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Do you?

A simple conversation. A hug. A smile across a room. That's all it took for me to love you. An hour and I knew you were special, I knew you were going to mean a lot to me. And look at us now sweetheart, look what we have become. 

People warned me away from you. Different things worried them and things didn't quite sit right in their heads with us. True we are different to most people, but isn't that what makes us amazing? We ignored their warnings, we carried on as we were, and now, here we are.

Just being with you was enough to make me smile. Sitting, talking, listening. Just simple. My friends used to get annoyed when I kept talking about you, about what had happened. They teased me about you, saying I like you. I denied it, of course, but they didn't know that I actually did. 

Now I don't talk about you that much. It's just too complicated. Words don't do it justice. How do I describe everything that we have been through? It was too amazing to try to put into words. The conversations, the feelings, the looks you give me. It is locked away into my memory, but I would never do it justice by explaining it. 

You mean so much to me now. not just an ordinary friend, but not anything more either. You are just that amazing person that lives within my mind, in your own little section. I think what it would be like to have you to myself. Just us. That day would be the best. Free to do whatever we want, without any complications. No restrictions, not having to conform to the views of society. 

Do you even think like that? Try and see us together. Imagining what could happen, imagining a future. When you look forwards, who do you see standing next to you, if anyone? Have you thought about what to say to my parents? Do you even see yourself with me?

Well my dear, do you?

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