Saturday, 26 November 2011

Never say never

This is the second poem:

It may not be now
It may not be soon
It may be in days yet to come time
But whether its soon
Or a long time from now
There is a chance it can happen somehow

So never say never
And never say always
There is always at least one exception

As so if you ever
Should hear in the hallways
A never, its deception


My friend once showed me two poems. I loved them immediately and this is the first of the two:

Some may think that it's a shame
That nothing ever stays the same
That what is good and fine today
May soon become another way
You can't just count on things to stay
The same they were just yesterday
Seem contradictory and strange
The only thing that's sure is change

But change is movement, change is growth
Not bad nor yet, and yet it's both
Of memories filled with days that passed
Have brought us here today at last,
And as the moving shadows cast
Ahead on what will be the past
As time moves on and rearranges
An infinite amount changes