Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hope across the bay

The bridge across the water stands,
High above the hills and sands,
Connecting the piece of land,
To hope across the bay.

Offers solitude and peace,
To those who long for it to cease,
Run across to find release,
In hope across the bay.

But there you'll find no still or calm,
No lovers joined in palm to palm,
Lacks reading of insightful psalms,
No hope across the bay.

You'll find a land consumed with rage,
Thoughts trapped within a cage,
Stay for a day or an entire age,
Lost hope across the bay.

Change your views and change your ways,
Slightly different with every day,
Oblivious in your engulfing haze,
You're the hope across the bay.

This is the world you longed to find,
Realise now that you were blind,
There never was any kind,
Of hope across the bay.