Monday, 19 December 2011

You are but a dream

My friend wrote a poem, and they want to see what people think of it, so they asked me to publish it on here! Tell me what you think!!!!

I toss, I turn, I think of you
Same old stuff, nothing new
I think upon this special spark
Thats grown and grown within my heart

'Cause in my mind we'll dance and sing
Hold hand and smile at everything
But I'm not blind, I see its true
I do not mean as much to you

You're friendly to me but you draw a line
Anything less and that's just fine
But stray too far and woe is me
I get put down albeit gently

But still I dream of being with you
I hope and I pray, yet you haven't a clue
That you are the angel, the one in my life
The one I would marry and have as my wife

I know I aim high but you see thats just me
Yes, I'm aware that you're better than me
But common to me rejections a theme
And so I realise, my love, you are but a dream