Wednesday, 18 January 2012

But then you slipped away

You'd come home. There you were sitting together like nothing had ever changed. You both turned to look at me when I walked in and you started to explain that you had sorted everything out and you were coming back to us.
I could barely hear the words. The happiness I had felt had put me into a trance and everything around me stood still. I imagined what our lives would be like now that you were back home. Visions of us sitting around a dinner table surrounded by family and friends sprung into my head.
I ran over to the 2 of you and wrapped us into a tight embrace. The world was right again and I knew that everything would be ok as long as I never let go.
But then you slipped away.
Then I opened my eyes and that perfect world around me crumpled and I was left with the crushing reality of life without you. That feeling of dread and loathing of the fact you have to carry on, day after day.