Saturday, 4 June 2011

People ask me what I dream

The colours exploded in my mind as the world lays dormant around me. The fire dances at my feet as I can feel the waves of heat rise onto me. Orange and red tongues lash out to grab me, trying to consume my whole body. Those eyes that stare through the fire never leave. That smug look on the face of the man who is trying to kill me.

Pulling at the ropes binding me to the wood, I feel it rising. The flames are just blow my feet and the heat is becoming too much for my uncovered body. The smoke makes me gasp for breath and my body moves with the fire, almost as one.

I can feel it climbing up my leg. The flames burning at my skin, threatening to rip me open. The cracking sounds around me are drowned out by my screaming. The eyes slowly look away as he turns to leave, ready to move on.

All I can see now is flames. They have engulfed my whole body, all the way up to my head. I can no longer feel where each body part begins and the other ends. I don't know how much of me is left, or how much the fire has eaten away. The wood breaks and I am thrown down into the fire once more.

The coldness hits as I wake. My breath, fast as I struggle to stop the screaming. My mind tries to make sense of all the strange shapes around me, and recognise where I am in the darkness. The pain is gone and the world is no longer alight. The fear of the fire is gone but I am too scared to go back to sleep.

Every night, this is what I dream.

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