Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pleasant Lullaby

In the door, you came to call,
You the one who knew it all,
Flash a smile, a hand held tight,
An invite for another night.

The doorbell rings, she straightens her dress,
A night planned perfectly to impress,
The look in your eyes, she comes alive,
You leave as quick as you arrive.

Time moves on, all is fine,
Exchanging words like yours and mine,
You've both grown, you're someone new,
You love her and she loves you.

The world stops still, chill in the air,
You said that you just don't care,
You're sick of it all, this is the end,
There's nothing left for you to mend.

Out of door, you turned away,
Ignored the begging calls to stay,
No looking back, no last goodbye,
Here ends our pleasant lullaby.

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